10 SEO Tips 2020 – Search Engine Optimization Tips

10 SEO Tips 2020

Many of us who are new have created a website with WordPress and are working in your niche. New people often search the Internet for search engine optimization tips. Usually, many people blog about this subject. Today I wrote a part of a series called Search Engine Optimization Getting Started. I brought some good search engine optimization tips for beginners. This allows you to rank your website easily.

Let’s start,


1. Create a Business List on Google My Business

Google My Business is a free public profile or listing that appears in Google search results. You may have noticed the search on Google and thought about which brand. Create Google My Business and get your site on Google.

2. Long-tail vs. long-tail keywords Short tail keyword research

If you want your site to be ranked easily, do a keyword survey. If you expect a good result in a very short period, look for long-tail keywords.
Long-tail keyword: The long-tail keyword is 3 to 5 words, for example, “how to roll sushi”.
Short-tail keyword: For example, a short-tail keyword is between 3 and 2 words, such as “Sushi Roll.”

3. Understand what the visitor wants 

A visitor usually has 5 wishes when searching on the Internet. Try to understand these 7 wishes. for example
A) The visitor finds some websites, such as Apple or Facebook
B) Did the visitor get any information, such as – how to roll sushi?
C) A visitor wants to buy something, such as a sushi roll

4. Use the right tools to research your keywords

Research keywords and the right tools for ranking your website. Google Keyword Planner for free and get ideas on it. Buy paid equipment if you can. Ahrefs is a paid tool.

5. Select Keywords

When you start optimizing your page/post, you should choose your keywords. To do this, suppose you have an information site. In which you wrote about the role of sushi. In this case, you can choose the basic keyword – “how to roll sushi” because the search volume is high.

6. Customization of Title Marks

But your titles also help drive traffic to your website. As soon as a visitor enters your site, there should be a catchy title. The name follows some 5 rules.
A) information
B) keyword
C) Talking – Solder – Sweet

7. Meta Description

Provide informative meta descriptions for your site that must be found. In the meta description, keep in mind that tag names are keywords.

8. Use keywords in headings and paragraphs

Many of us do not use keywords correctly in headings and paragraphs. For SEO, but it is much needed. Of course, there are 2 places you should use your keywords.
In the case of numbers – H1, H2S, H3S
In the case of graphs – between lists, tables


9. Write to people first, then search engines

Many people try to find new ones. The main reason is that they were originally written for search engines. If you write for people first, the search engine indexes your text and at the same time, you get very large results.

10. Enter a large post
The minimum word for a post must be 0 to 5. The larger the container, the longer the reading time. The longer the reading time, the higher the rating. Contributions must be at least 5 words long.

11. Create a Sitemap
Create a sitemap of your site and link it to various search engines. Search engine index posts you create daily.

12. Submit Your Site
Add a link to your site and submit or publish your site to Google Search Console, Bing, and other search engines.


Hopefully, new people will benefit greatly from this post. Our next post will be shared tomorrow. If you think this post will be good for your friends, then do share it.


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