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7 Wrong ideas about Smartphones

Even in 2020, many of us still do not understand so much about smartphones. He has kept many misconceptions from the old practice and continues his practice. When something seems a bit credible, many begin to believe it without even examining it lightly. But since you are a WireBD reader, it does not matter that you have such a misconception that you are still living at home.

In this article, we have discussed 5 misconceptions about smartphones that you should not trust! And let’s go straight to today’s topic without wasting time;

You are completely safe while browsing in incognito mode!
When browsing in an incognito mode no one can see your history, browsing behavior or even what you are doing on the internet; Yes, many still hold those views. Yes, when you browse using the incognito mode of the browser, nothing is saved on your phone. This means that your browser does not store that browsing session, history, cache file. When I close the secret window, everything disappears, no one else knows about your dark site searches.

But your ISP is aware of your search, they can still see which sites you’ve visited, no matter where the incognito mode is on! Meanwhile, no matter how you turn on incognito mode, your activity can still be monitored. However, using a VPN or Tor network is different.

Cannot be used to charge the phone
This is one of the best misunderstandings of primitive times, using the phone to charge or it may cause the phone to explode or damage your battery. But if you use the phone for charging, gaming, talking, listening to music, then nothing will be a problem. If you are using a very cheap quality charger, then it is different.

You can read this article for more information; That’s why your smartphone is getting so hot! | Can you die by charging the phone?

The phone will speed up after turning off background apps!
Yes, many people still think that when the phone’s background apps are closed, the performance of the phone will get a boost. There is a difference between the opening and running of an app in the background. Just because the app process runs in the background does not mean that the app is running. In the background, it does not take the entire process from the app run, yes it can be different for some apps, but the processes in the app especially help the app run faster and keep you informed even after the app is closed. Help in achieving

You must have opened 5 apps, 5 apps will appear in the recent app, but this does not mean that 5 apps will be open all the time, the system will end the open app much earlier, removing them from the recent app will remove the shortcut. It does not improve.

The lower the screen light of the phone, the better for the eye

If you completely reduce the brightness of the screen and minimize it, nothing will harm your eyes. Yes, if you keep the phone light too bright or adjusting, it can cause a headache after the eyes are under pressure, but there is no possibility of the eyes getting worse!

Phone must not be charged without charging
Many people think that the phone should not be charged up to 5% without recharging the battery. While this is not a guarantee of how good your phone’s battery will be in this exercise, I’m sure if you continue to do so the battery will drastically decrease. No need to repeatedly discharge your phone’s battery, lithium-ion batteries do not have a memory effect, which is not to say that the battery percentage will not show up properly without full discharge.

The best thing is that no matter how long the battery of the phone is, you will charge it as soon as you get the battery, you will get more backup, more usage.

Keeping the phone charged overnight causes damage to the phone
See, a smartphone is not called a smartphone, your phone knows best when it is 5% charged and should stop charging. The smart circuit is pre-installed in the phone which saves the battery from overcharging after completing a 5% charge.

No problem if you charge the phone overnight and sleep, but yes, when the phone charge is reduced to 5%, the charger will reduce it to 5%, thus having some effect on the battery over time. Can. There is no reason for a headache, but it is best if you keep the phone away from the charger when you sleep at night if you have no problem with it!

Bringing the phone to the magnet can delete all data
Yes, data can be erased by bringing the magnet to the phone but is it a magnet? The most powerful magnet in the world is different, but nothing will happen to your refrigerator. And the funny thing is that many types of magnets are fitted inside your phone to make the navigation system work.

Today’s smartphones store data in solid-state storage, and the transistors inside it work electronically, not magnetically. There can be no harm by applying magnets to them. Larger magnets can damage a computer’s hard drive, but solid-state drives do not.



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