Best Guide to Buying a Laptop: The Things That No One Shares! [2020]


You might want to buy a new laptop, right? Because anything can happen, maybe you are enrolled in a new college, you want your education laptop, and you want to start freelance, maybe you just need a laptop the same way, okay? Now that someone’s computer has been created, it is the most popular thing!


All Confusion 3 products are available in the market for laptops of varying prices and varying configurations, one of which is full rabbit motion and elegant elegance, with a stylish and thick design. But which one is yours? Do expensive laptops always mean good things? Or just an elephant pet in the room? Well, if you are the son/father of an elderly father, and the count is worth spending money, you can buy whatever you want, you can buy 2 lakh more laptops and leave them in bed, never mind. But if you are in the middle class or are looking for the “best value for money”, then you want to use every right money, and today’s article is for you! Let’s talk about everything …

Low budget laptop

This article is broken down by budget, here we discuss each budget laptop and its specifications and try to shed light on which budget laptop is better for the job!

Low-budget laptops come first. Price ranges start from 8-20,000 crowns. Many people cannot look at a budget laptop, say trash without saying anything. Yes, a lot of output cannot be expected from this budget laptop, if your budget is tight and your laptop is needed, I would recommend using a refurbished or refurbished option to proceed Am!

But first, let’s look at the specifics of buying a new laptop in this low budget, and what exactly will it do?

First of all, if you buy a TK laptop. These prices represent the entry-level AMP CPU. However, the Intel Atom CPU is also not rare to see. I will not discuss technical problems with the doctor here, I will try to keep everything as normal as possible. Whatever your choice in this budget, Intel or AMD, CPU is very basic and because this laptop cannot do any big work, CPU is not a fatal problem. But yes, Intel will get a bit more battery backup, but AMD is not as optimized as before.

Low-budget laptops are primarily for web surfing, reading e-books, doing light office assignments, checking emails, social account management, and media consumption. When web browsers are talked about, RAM becomes more important, and 2GB of RAM is usually visible on 4,000 laptops, but with a slight increase in prices, it is already seen on 5GB of RAM. Can. Many laptops have different RAM slots, so more RAM can be installed if necessary. I’ll stick to choosing the 4GB Atlas RAM model, you can browse the web and fill the feature!

The screen size is 5 inches by 5 inches by price, and the screen will not get a higher resolution, rather you will get a higher resolution display. So there will be no problem with media consumption. Hard drives now have about 5 TB, some years ago, 4000 laptops used to have 5 GB of space, but now there are 3 TB at record levels.

Now the budget is getting rich in size for laptops and many companies are offering very thin models. The spare battery is good, it lasts for 3-5 hours.

Now the question is, who is this particular low-budget laptop? These low-budget laptops can be ideal for many people who want to learn a new computer or browse the public web to buy a laptop and watch videos and mails on YouTube. However, if you buy old and used laptops, you can get laptops like 4G Generation i4 or 5th Generation / 6th Generation i5. The intermediate level at which you can do all the work.

Another thing related to a low budget, if you buy a laptop exclusively on the web, which means that if all your business depends on the Internet, a Chromebook can be expensive at that price. They are cheap, elegant, fast and fast and run web applications at a price.


Medium budget laptop

The average budget is in the range of only 4000 vaccines, and almost all models available in this price range offer similar specifications. You’ll see the first and eighth-generation CPUs of the Core i8, usually, you get 1GB of RAM, 5TB hard disk, 1/2 inch screen with HD resolution, but probably HD resolution for full price.

Budget laptops come in three different types of pricing. First of all, it is possible to see the CPU in the range of 3-5 thousand behind two generations. You can get the latest i8 processor in 3-5k, if you have a budget of 3-5 or more, you can switch to the i5, and build 1GB of BAM is available.

Medium budget computers, light photo editing, video editing, and light multitasking, almost everything can be done within the same range. These mid-range computers can be a good solution if you want to do some stress at low prices. However, in many cases, average budget computers can provide the best solution. For example, if you are browsing the internet heavily, start working freestyle, start programming, and want to learn photo or video editing, you won’t need anything anymore after the laptop upgrade works.

A high-end laptop

Now I come from the poorer section of the BigBlock section, high-budget laptops will have advanced processors, premium build quality, plenty of RAM, dedicated GPUs and fast storage. So there is not much to say specifically about this budget laptop. If you want high performance and edit video/audio/photo at high speed then you need to invest in a high-end laptop to do anything. But in this case, I recommend building a dedicated computer, because the computer runs more efficiently for advanced tasks, and better performance and performance are available.

If you want to buy an advanced laptop, you have to buy the latest CPU for the generation, you can get the latest version of Core i5 if you can buy 3-4 thousand or more. There may be custom GPUs based on price increases. There is SSD support for running fast operating systems and software, and mechanical hard disk support for storing more data. Many mid-budget notebooks now have slots, although they do not have SSDs, which means you can easily insert them later, which is great. SSD increases your computer’s performance several times, and you can notice it immediately.

Sophisticated laptops also have a touch screen feature, but if you want to get the tach feature then it is best to use a Surface book, so on laptops, tac is not a good thing. If you are thinking of buying a budget laptop, this is not a word, but if you are above the average budget, then you should choose the SSD model.

As you always say, buying a laptop when you need it is the best decision. Many do not need it, but even with the money invested on a Core i5 or i5 laptop, it is a pity. If you can do your ideal duty in two jobs, why the need to keep 5 unpaid employees? Just because you bought an i3 laptop, does not mean that Microsoft Office will not start working faster. If you just run the office, you can get the best performance at a very low cost by installing Just SSD on an ICC computer.

Students who are brothers, most of the time in the middle of the budget on the job, you do not need to buy a laptop for Rs. Technology is updated every day and after two years you will not have more than one lakh laptops and new ones, so it will not be good!

Those who are completely new, I would like to ask them to start with a low budget, a very stylish and stylish Chromebook! Also, low budget laptops can do all the products work and just a little RAM! Again the screen size and matrix will be smaller according to the work and the compact size is better if you use more laptops, if the main purpose of media consumption is to select a larger screen.

Have more questions? Yes, of course, there is a comment section below! Just as many questions you have in mind, I will return all those questions!




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