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7 Wrong ideas about Smartphones

Even in 2020, many of us still do not understand so much about smartphones. He has kept many misconceptions from the old practice and continues his practice. When something seems a bit credible, many begin to believe it without even examining it lightly. But since you are a WireBD reader, it does not matter that you have such a misconception that you are still living …

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Why are Chinese phones so cheap? Should I Buy a Chinese Phone?

The question in your mind is that while the prices of phones of companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc. are increasing day by day, on the other hand, the prices of Chinese phone-based companies like Symphony, Walton, One +, etc. are half or less. If available, you must be wondering what is this Chinese phone? Why are Chinese phones so cheap? Would it be okay …

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KaiOS: the third largest mobile operating system in the world?

Till now we have come to know only a handful of smartphone OS. The most popular mobile OS – Google’s Android, then Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone that no longer exists, BlackBerry’s mobile OS, named BlackBerry, is also dead. So now the mobile OS has only two. One is Google’s Android and the other is Apple’s iOS. One OS you may have never heard of …

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