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How to Write SEO Unique Meta Title Tag

What is a title tag? How do title tags matter? Why do title tags really help search engine optimization? Today we will talk about title tags. What is a meta tag? Meta tags are HTML elements that provide information about web pages to search engines and website visitors. These elements must be placed as tags in the HTML document section. These elements are: * Title …

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10 SEO Tips 2020 – Search Engine Optimization Tips

10 SEO Tips 2020

Many of us who are new have created a website with WordPress and are working in your niche. New people often search the Internet for search engine optimization tips. Usually, many people blog about this subject. Today I wrote a part of a series called Search Engine Optimization Getting Started. I brought some good search engine optimization tips for beginners. This allows you to rank …

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10+ Image SEO Tips 2020 You Must Know

10+ Image SEO Tips 2020

Your SEO ranking is important. Think about the last time you uploaded a picture to your site. You must have downloaded it from the photo photography site, then uploaded it in the background of your site and added it to your post. You must have added an image that is too large in size or weight. Therefore, the speed of your site is slowing down. …

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