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What is a headphone driver? What is its role in sound quality? Know everything!

You can think about buying a good quality headphone, or perhaps a budget for the headphones. But if you go to the market and start to consider the specifications of the headphones, you will easily understand that to find the right headset that you need, not an easy task, especially just look at the specifications. The technical characteristics of the headphone and earphone very complex …

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WiFi Repeater vs WiFi Extender: What’s the Difference?

Even though buses and trains do the same thing, their way of working is similar to WiFi repeater and WiFi extender, but their working style makes them different devices. I get a lot of messages daily, a lot of people ask if I will buy a wifi repeater or extender, but not many of them know, these are two completely different devices, their applications and …

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Xiaomi’s new power bank will give hands bake in winter!

Xiaomi not only offers good smartphones at the best prices but also produces all the extravagant exceptional products that the rest of the big tech companies cannot even imagine! Xiaomi has launched a new power bank in China that will charge your phone or gadget just like a normal power bank. Second, if you hold it it will heat your hands, which means that it …

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