How to take proper care of smartphone battery?


The type of smartphone battery has changed a lot over the years. Although there is no such change in battery technology, the installation method has changed. Today, batteries are installed in almost all modern smartphones. This means that a common user cannot change the battery of their phone alone. And for any reason, battery failure requires that you go to a service center.

That is why today it is necessary to properly take care of the smartphone battery. In today’s post, I will talk about some special ways in which you can especially take care of your smartphone’s battery. And you don’t have to go to the service center again and again to charge the battery. Just look at the battery on your phone, it is the part that can be wasted first. The rest of the components, such as the motherboard, RAM, processor, etc., can last a long time if you use them normally. But the battery may malfunction after normal use. By the way, without entering the main role, the paper was improved.

Adjust the charging habits of the smartphone battery

The first step to take special care of the battery is to adjust the habit of charging the battery. You should never discharge 5% of the battery. Nor can it be that you are discharging 5% of the battery per day and then charging 5% per day. Or download 5% to 5% for using the phone throughout the day. You can download 5% once a month, however, I am discussing this a little later. Yes, the correct way is to recharge the smartphone battery several times a day. Assume it starts charging after 20% and charges up to 5% or 5%. The recharge reached 20% or 5%, charged again.

You can compare this with the practice of charging a battery with a human. For example, a person can eat light foods or drink water during work during the day. This will keep you healthy and work longer. But if someone works nonstop all day, but does not eat once or does not work all day, then they get tired and hungry once a day, they cannot stay healthy for long. And its performance will gradually disappear.

This policy uses the smartphone’s battery and many more. Therefore, the habit of charging the battery is exactly what is needed. Another thing to keep in mind is that at least once a month or once every 20-20 days, your phone’s battery should be discharged at 5% and charged at 5%. The cells inside the battery weaken due to repeated charging and discharging. Then, if you perform a full recharge and recharge within a month, the previous capacity of the cells is restored. As if it were our time to donate blood.


Another thing you should know is that each battery has a specific life cycle or life cycle. Either a smartphone battery and a laptop battery or the battery of your tablet. The phone battery generally has 5 life cycles. Having a life cycle means that the battery can be discharged and charged 5 times. It is not that the battery stops working after the life cycle is exceeded. The load that used to be in the afternoon maybe now until 5 in the afternoon. Looking at the life cycle, the battery life is approximately 3 years.

I want to say again and again that it is important to adjust the charging habits of the phones in which the battery is not open, which means that the batteries should not be removed. Otherwise, you may have to go to the service center to replace the battery within 6 months of purchasing the phone, simply because your charging habit was not correct. The phone battery is unlocked, it is different. On those phones, you can charge the battery as you wish.

Use a good and accurate charger

Proper and good chargers are necessary to keep the smartphone’s battery healthy. If for any reason you feel that your phone is not charging well with your charger, do not hesitate to use another charger. Or if your phone supports fast charging, you can use any fast charger. If you have not read my post on Fast Charging Technology, you can read it. But yes, one thing needs special attention. Whichever third-party charger you use, your voltage must match your original charger. It doesn’t matter how many milliamps or how much current the charger has.

Because the charging circuit inside your phone will receive power as needed. All you have to do is look at the charger’s output voltage. You can read this post that I wrote for more details about the charger’s output voltage.

Do not worry about battery overload.

Many people have the misconception that charging overnight can cause battery overload. This is not true at all. In the last 5-6 years, the smartphone has a special overload protection circuit that is reaching the market. As a result, your battery will not charge after a 5% charge. This was the problem 4-5 years ago. You should have seen that Nokia is used to burn the phone’s battery. But to date, there is nothing to fear.

Ways to properly care for the smartphone battery

First, the battery can be discharged 5% per day and then cannot be recharged 5%. It is good to do it once a month.
Continue to charge the battery regularly, if possible, charge it lightly during the day.
If you want to use another charger or another company’s charger, adjust its voltage. Try to buy a charger as good as possible. It is better not to buy a cheap charger.
And finally, you should avoid the fear of charging your phone too much.

Last word

I hope this post is of great benefit to you today. And from now on you can take good care of your smartphone’s battery. If you like and like the publication, share it with friends. Please visit this site regularly. That’s why I see you every day with posts like this.


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