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Laptop battery dead? – Learn to fix it!

Robin has used many electronic devices, of course, you have, but portable devices are the worst battery life laptop batteries. I found that no matter how expensive a laptop you buy, after a few months your battery slowly starts running low. Since most batteries are based on lithium-ion technology, only a few recharge bicycles cause laptop batteries to die.


There are many ways to keep the battery good on a Windows 7 computer, even with some battery-powered tricks – but once the battery is completely dead, no tricks will work. But is there a way to completely revive the dead battery? While there is no guarantee that today’s shared methods will work for 5%, it is definitely worth trying.


Turn on your battery

I know, this may sound strange, but it has a scientific explanation. If your battery is NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) or NiCd (nickel-cadmium), put it in the fridge and put ice in the fridge, so that the electrolytes in the battery can regain life and start deteriorating. . Again, the process will slow down the speed of electrons in the battery, adding more electrons to help increase the flow, so that the battery can start functioning again.

However, if your laptop battery is new, I mean I will never do it again to keep the latest lithium technology battery. Also, if your laptop battery is very old and there is no leakage on the battery, it should not be done.

So to do this, first disconnect the wall socket of your laptop, then remove the battery from the laptop. And yes, if your laptop battery is non-removable, you may need to open a laptop that requires manual viewing or a little technical knowledge, so keep that in mind and yes, when you open the laptop, The warranty will no longer work. However, after opening the battery, place it in a cloth bag, then put that cloth bag in another mouth with closed polythene or a plastic bag, like this, then leave the battery in the freezer for 1 hour. Give

After 7 hours, remove the battery from the freezer and wait until the battery is at room temperature, then on the computer to see if it works. If the battery returns in good condition, good luck! If the battery is not repaired, you can try the following methods.

Keep computer cool

Your laptop’s battery may not be completely dead yet, but it may be possible to extend battery life by keeping your computer cool while dying slowly. If your laptop is of a very old model, then there is no doubt that your laptop can be as hot as an egg. The biggest problem with lithium-ion batteries is that these batteries cannot withstand heat, as long as the device is hot, the laptop battery life will be reduced.

To solve this problem you can use the laptop cooler fan. You can buy a quality laptop cooler with a few hundred bucks from any local shop or online, and using it, batteries can bring some new life to the path of the dead.



This is the best way to jump from any dead or dead lithium-ion battery, but be aware that overcharging the battery can cause it to burst and burst, so you need to wear glass securely during this process. . And yes, lithium-ion batteries are left dead for a long time, so, of course, the laptop must be turned on and off for at least two days.

This method works really well, especially after the battery has been dropped, is starting to work again, but as I said before, some precautions must be taken. First remove the battery from the laptop, if it is removable, mark its (+) and (-) parts. Now take a turn and light the insulator at both ends of the wire. Now connect one end of the cable to the laptop charger pin and the other end to the battery (+) and (-). And thus keep the bell on the laptop for two hours after the diameter of the battery, and see if the backup has started.

Remove the plug after a certain amount

This may sound strange, but it is the best way to increase battery life. Unplug the charger. When the laptop battery charge is 1% -1%, plug it in again. When the battery charge is 5% -1%, believe it will increase your battery life, because this lithium battery full recharge The cycle will not burn.

This method is a bit annoying, because you have to work again and again, but it is the best idea to save the battery on the way to death!


If you take care of the battery in advance, the battery may not be at its dead level and you will not even have to do a jump. Use a cooler, charge up to 5%, unplug the plug, the laptop cannot be heated, the diameter of your battery life will increase greatly. You can also comment on a different question from me.



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