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Naagin Season 4 Start Date, Cast, Story and Wiki Details

Latest Naagin Season 4 Start Date, Cast, Story and Wiki Details

Naagin 4: Hello TV serial lovers, If you are an Indian Televisions dramas fan then you must hear about Naagin 4 tv serial which broadcast by the colors tv. It is one of the most popular serials among the Indan drama industry. Because of the popularity of Naagin, it has already completed 3 seasons of this drama serial. The director Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor of this serial decided to release Naagin Season 4 and it is Colors Tv Production. Naagin 4 is based on fantasy, romance, drama, and supernatural.

If you wanna know more about the Naagin 4  Start Date, Cast, Story, and Wiki Details then you are in right place. In this article, I am going to share with you the whole information about Naagin 4 you can also watch online Naagin 4 episode on this site. You can watch Naagin 4 episode 1 here.


Naagin 4 release date

The new updates of Naagin 4 which is going to viral in social media and the audiences are become to be more curious about the Naagin 4 release date. The director announced that the set of Naagin 4 is totally prepared to release their show also the star cast ready to act on this serial. They decided to publish this show after this Diwali 2019 but there is no confirmed date published yet. But the audiences are eagerly waiting for this most popular show in the Indan television industry. Naagin Season 4 is expected to start the Date from December 2019. The Director of the Naagin did not yet reveal the exact date yet, It may also publish the next year 2020. We will also share with you more information after the official statement. You may watch Naagin Season 4 Episodes Here.


Naagin 4 promo Official Trailer

As earlier I said that Nagin 4 already release their official promo. After the last episode of Naagin 3, Shivangi announced to be the Naag Rani. Shivanya and Ritik become to be a couple. Shivangi will kill Namini, on the other hand,Sravani will kill Tamsi, Srisha, Sumitra. So the next question is who will be the next Naag Rani. We couldn’t say anything before the official statement released. So let’s wait for the next update. Here You can watch Naagin 4 episode 2 .


Naagin Season 4 Start Cast

The cast of the Naagin season 4 will have Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl V Puri, Anita Hassanandani, Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, and Arjun Bijlani. While Adaa Khan and Rakshananda Khan will be also playing pivotal roles.


            Naagin 4 Start Cast                           Naagin 4 Cast roles.
   Mouni Roy     played her role as Shivanya and Mahanaagrani Shivangi.
    Arjun Bijlani     performed his role as Prince Ritik Singh and King Sangram Singh.
    Adaa Khan     performing her role in Naagin season 1 to 4 as Shesha, Ruchika, Takshika, and     Ku-Sarpo ki rani.
    Surbhi Jyoti     play her role in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Naagrani Ruhi (Bela)/ Naagrani             Shraavani.
    Pearl V Puri     performed in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Mahir Sehgal/ Mihir.
    Anita Hassanandani     presented in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Vishakha aka Vish.
    Rakshanda Khan     performed her role in Naagin season 3 and 4 as Nidhog Naagrani Sumitra.


Naagin 4 Schedule and Broadcasting

The TV show will broadcast every weekend at 9 p.m. While You guys can also watch the telecast of the show on online. You can watch entertaining seasons of the Naagin season 1, season 2, Season 3 and their upcoming season of the Naagin on Voot official website and app. You can also download the Voot app from the Apple Store and Google Store.


Nagin 4 Wiki Details

Season 1 :

Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are Ichchadhari Naagins, who want to avenge Shivanya’s parents’ death. There were five murderers, but Shivanya was able to see only three of them: Ankush, Viren, and Shailesh. They killed Shivanya’s parents in a failed attempt to obtain a precious gem with magical powers called Naagmani. As part of her revenge, Shivanya enters into Ankush’s house as a maiden. Ankush’s son Ritik, a kind-hearted and joyful young man, subsequently falls in love with Shivanya. Upon finding out about Ritik’s feelings for her, Shivanya marries him for revenge. Later, she kills Viren (the first murderer) and Shailesh (the third murderer); Shivanya and Shesha also kill Ankush’s friend Suri, when Shivanya learns from Shesha that Suri is the fourth murderer. Shivanya soon realizes that Ritik is really a good person, and he is unaware of his father’s evil doings. Shivanya eventually falls in love with him, much to the disappointment of Shesha, who thinks that Shivanya won’t be able to kill Ankush because of her love for his son, Ritik. She also warns Shivanya that if she chose Ritik as her life partner she would be punished as she may break the rules of Ichchadhari Nags. If she made an intimate relationship with a human, she will be powerless and will become a normal human being.

Ritik soon learns the truth about Yamini being evil and joins with Shivanya to protect Naagmani. Shivanya and Ritik consummate their marriage, leading to Shivanya losing her powers. However, she and Ritik succeed in saving Naagmani and killing Yamini, while Shesha is jailed by the Mahishmatis, named Avantika and Vikram who attacked after every 25 years to get Naagmani. Mahishmatis are shape-shifting honeybees. They could only get Naagmani with the help of a Naag or a Naagin. This time they fail and vows to return after 25 years so they imprisoned Shesha. The season ends with Shivanya becoming pregnant.

Season 2:

Three months after the events of the first season, Shivanya gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Shivangi, despite being six months early. A widowed Shivanya does not want Shivangi to become a Naagin to protect Naagmani. A saint tells Shivanya that this can be avoided by getting Shivangi married before she turns 25. Rocky, the fiancé of Ruchika (Shesha faked identity) and the adopted nephew of Yamini (who again became alive with the help of Mahishmatis), falls in love with Shivangi. Unaware of Rocky’s relation to Yamini, Shivanya arranges for him to marry Shivangi.

On the day of the wedding, Shesha, Yamini, Avantika, Kapalika, Vikram, Amar, Manav and Nidhi (disguised as the broom) kills all the wedding guests (including Shivangi’s family) and fatally stabs Shivanya. Yamini informs Rocky about the deaths, blaming them on dacoits. Rocky feels heartbroken.

The saint informs Shivangi, who escaped from Yamini’s gang about Shivanya’s life and tells her that only she can touch Naagmani. Shivangi sees the faces of the murderers, including someone she believes to be Rocky. Shivangi attempts to commit suicide, but she survives and becomes a Naagin, she vows to protect Naagmani and avenge her mother.

After a few days, it is Rocky and Shesha’s wedding day. Shivangi comes to Rocky’s home for revenge. Everyone is shocked to see her alive, but Yamini and Shesha accepted her, due to Shivangi being the only one who could touch Naagmani. Yamini has Shivangi marry Rocky.

Rudra, a Naag enters Rocky’s house to help Shivangi and take revenge after he saw Amar, the murderer of his wife being killed by Shivangi.

On the day of Karwa Chauth, Nidhi, the eighth murderer of Shivanya attacks Shivangi. Rocky saves Shivangi, making her realize that Rocky is innocent. Shivangi celebrates Karwa Chauth with Rocky and vows to protect him forever. Later, she kills Manav, Vikram, and Kapalika with Rudra’s help but Rudra gets killed by Avantika.


Season 3

Shivangi is dying with none of her questions answered. However, she vows to return for revenge.

Elsewhere, in an old haveli, Ruhi – another Naagin having the ability to shape-shift after hundred years of penance, dances with her lover Vikrant under the moonlight in the joy of their much-anticipated union. However, business tycoon Andy Sehgal’s sons, Yuvraj and Aditya Sehgal arrive there with their friends and interrupts Ruhi and Vikrant who are about to get married. They misbehave with Ruhi and assaults her, causing Vikrant to take his serpent form. The friends leave Ruhi but an agitated Aditya shoots Vikrant. After Vikrant falls down from the hills, Mahir (Yuvraj’s elder brother) arrives there but cannot know what had happened. Vikrant dies while Ruhi vows to return to revenge her lover’s death.

Sumitra prepares for her son, Mahir’s marriage. Sumitra’s sister, Rohini and brother-in-law Alekh are in Sehgal’s house and plans for the marriage. Rohini and Alekh kill Shivli’s parents on the day of marriage and gets them married but Shivli comes out to be Bela while Shivli’s brother and sister-in-law come out to be Vikrant and Vishakha. Later, Bela and Mahir are killed by Taamsi, daughter of Vishakha and Hukum. Hukum’s sister is Huzoor, she is the fake Ruhi who tricks everyone for Naagmani but later gets killed by Hukum and Hukum is killed by Taamsi. Sumitra gets Naagmani buts it starts fading and looses all its powers. Now, Shivangi is the only one who can restore Naagmani’s powers as she cursed it before dying.



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