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software piracy

What is software piracy? Are you not using stolen software?

For writing this article, I remember Chhota Bella! At the age of 25, a friend came and he said, "Do you know that it...

Laptop battery dead? – Learn to fix it!

Robin has used many electronic devices, of course, you have, but portable devices are the worst battery life laptop batteries. I found that no...

Libra: Facebook creates new bitcoins? [Explained]

You may have heard the word Libra many times on Facebook or other social media and various online publications. Probably also know that this...
Facebook's new operating system

Facebook’s new operating system is coming!

Huawei wants to abandon its Android dependency on Facebook and its future hardware product Oculus and Portal, so Facebook is going to create a...

What to do if your favorite website does not load suddenly?

This is normal if you don't suddenly load sites like Facebook or Twitter, as these sites may be blocked from your office or workplace....
website slowing down

Why is your website slowing down even though your net speed is fast?

Let's dive right into the topic ... Many people say, "I subscribe to a 5Mbps connection to a 5Mbps connection, but why is my...

Are you not using the wrong hard drive? Buy Right Desktop Hard Drive!

It should be acknowledged that hard drives are an important part of desktop computers, although storage media is an important part of all computing...

KaiOS: the third largest mobile operating system in the world?

Till now we have come to know only a handful of smartphone OS. The most popular mobile OS - Google's Android, then Apple's iOS,...

How reliable is the online review?

During this time of November and December, many offers started coming in that someone who has never shopped online started shopping. But before buying...

Xiaomi’s new power bank will give hands bake in winter!

Xiaomi not only offers good smartphones at the best prices but also produces all the extravagant exceptional products that the rest of the big...