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How to Write SEO Unique Meta Title Tag

What is a title tag? How do title tags matter? Why do title tags really help search engine optimization? Today we will talk about title tags.

What is a meta tag?

Meta tags are HTML elements that provide information about web pages to search engines and website visitors.

These elements must be placed as tags in the HTML document section. These elements are:
* Title tag
* Meta description

What is a title tag?

Title tags are used to tell search engines and visitors that a particular page on your site may be the shortest and most accurate way.

The title tag is “one of the most important SEO elements for a long time.” Also, the higher the keywords near the title tag, the higher the likelihood of ranking keyword-based queries.

How to write good title tags

From an SEO perspective, the title tag must include the keyword to be ranked. As I said, the most important keywords should be first, then the second most important keywords, and finally your brand name. It provides a simple reference.

Title tag checklist:

In the post below there are some minor updates on how to write title tags.

1.Length: Title tags are 50-60 characters long and require space.
2.Keyword placement: Place the most important keywords at the beginning of the title tag and the least important keywords at the end.
3.Brand name: If the company name is not part of a key keyword phrase, place it at the end of the title tag.
4. Do not copy title tags: Title tags must be written separately for each page. Do not copy title tags at once. Doing so reduces the visibility of your search.
5. Enhance relevance: Title tags should accurately describe the content of the page.
6. Title Content Tags: These are improperly written title tags that try to rank everything or try to repeat the word over and over. Keyword tagging is the worst offense in title tags and is therefore punished.
7.(Separate the / title (<h1> tag) from the title tag: This is another opportunity to separate the keywords on the page and increase their likelihood of being displayed for various search purposes.


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