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software piracy

What is software piracy? Are you not using stolen software?

For writing this article, I remember Chhota Bella! At the age of 25, a friend came and he said, “Do you know that it takes 3 thousand bucks to buy a real Windows XP?” What is beta? Are you a cheap addict? Hey DVD is available to buy Windows XP for 5 rupees, the original Windows 5 Tak price would have been accepted, but it says 3 thousand?


However, many of us do not know what software piracy is? You can use a document editor, photo editor, video editor or Windows operating system on a PC for free, and you can find out if these are real software or not! Software piracy refers to stealing or bypassing independent and legally protected software. So the software you are using is valid? How to understand if your software is pirated? Why can you come to this? Let’s talk about everything in the light …

Software piracy

In the short run, not only software DVDs, so how many games and DVDs are not right for buying money and playing games. And I had no idea that this software or game was stolen. The software promotes piracy in this way, without knowing it or not. Software piracy is the use or theft of any copyrighted software. Even if you buy the software with money, it is later copied for another theft. Because the individual license is only for 1 or limited users, it cannot be copied or spread, all have to be licensed separately to use.

However, not all software piracy is directly for earning money, it may involve a malicious case. A hacker modifies paid software to infect multiple PCs and spreads it for free, which is easily broken when people call it free software and get infected with malware.

Suppose you have two computers, one for which you have purchased the software for the money and the other has installed the software. Now if you are using personal and your software license is for a single PC, then here, you are doing piracy! Hopefully, you understand the definition of software piracy.

Are you not using pirated software?

Many people already know the answer, many intentionally use free Windows, free Adobe software or Microsoft software. Especially in developed countries like ours, where people are afraid to buy computers, no one can imagine buying thousands of dollars worth of software. So their words are different, they use software without knowing it. And even though I did not support it, I did not sit to judge them.

But when you buy software with money, your software can still be a pirated version. How do you know if your software is genuine? Well, some things can be helpful to understand.

To get original software, always try to buy from the actual developer’s website, you will be more likely to get the original software. A pirated copy of the software that you buy online at a very low price! If there is a sky-thin difference in price, most of the opportunity is pirated copy. For example, if you pay $ 5 on eBay, you can buy a Windows license, but is it?

It needs to be activated after purchasing most of the software. But if the activation process is too long after purchasing the software, the software can be pirated, and if you don’t activate it you can circumvent the activation process!

The original software provides regular updates, and most purchased software offers free updates. If the software you purchased does not want to be updated or you want to buy the software again after the update, the software is likely to be pirated!

Why is pirated software harmful?

Many will say, “I am crazy that I will use the money to buy software, where it will be downloaded online for free!” See if you really can’t afford it, it’s a completely different story, but thinking that you are making a lot of profit using pirated software. are doing!

Most pirated software contains hidden malware and hacking tools. Try Common Sense once, why would someone crack the software for you? Then why do you allow it to download for free? By the way, this is one of the reasons that they can make money by downloading from the website, but most of the time their goal is big. Because it is possible to modify much software and easily take many things from you. At the same place, if there is another 4 rupee note after the 1 rupee note, whom will you choose and leave? Sure, money note, right? So they do the same thing, you can attack your PC once and only gain! And using pirated software, millions of computers are being infected!

On the other hand, pirated software is not updated, meaning that most pirated software is not updated or does not work after completing it. And backdate software opens up a lot of risks to your system!

You may be aware of individual scenes, and software companies may not even know how to use pirated software. But if you own a company and use pirated software there, you can be in real danger. You may have to face heavy fines and prison sentences.

It is illegal to steal software, I do not know whether to believe it or not, but I will use a Linux based operating system and open source free software. Yes, there will not be free software or operating system available for every kind of work, and you should buy and use paid equipment for the business! You steal software whether it’s up to you, but I try to stay away from it it’s not illegal to center it, but it’s unsafe and boring!

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