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Why are Chinese phones so cheap? Should I Buy a Chinese Phone?

The question in your mind is that while the prices of phones of companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc. are increasing day by day, on the other hand, the prices of Chinese phone-based companies like Symphony, Walton, One +, etc. are half or less. If available, you must be wondering what is this Chinese phone? Why are Chinese phones so cheap? Would it be okay to buy it? Will its machinery be genuine or fake? I think in your mind, there are thousands of such questions ting notifications. Anyway, now open the notification bar of your brain and delete all. Because after reading this post there will be no doubt.


If you look at big companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, etc. and big companies like Symphony, Walton, One +, etc., there are 3 big differences. They are:

  • research and development
  • Marketing
  • Size
  • Strategy
  • research and development

Research & Development:

So let’s first talk about Research and Development or Research & Development. See how companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, etc. spend billions of dollars every year on research and development. They want to invent and develop new technologies. And it costs billions of dollars. You must have seen on the internet that it costs only $ 25,900 to build an iPhone or $ 5.95 to build a Samsung S3. Things are true. But that cost but just the equipment. You no longer think about how much research or hard work the company has done in previous years. So big companies who spend big on research and development or research and development, small companies never spend that much. Chinese phone-based companies do not have to pay for research and development costs.

See if Samsung or Apple always tries to make new technology phones. They spend on performance, spend on software, spend on processors. These costs are hidden. So a common user may think that companies are selling phones at a higher price, or they are trying to make more profit.

On the other hand, consider that Chinese phone-based companies do nothing but research and development. They just buy the equipment they get from the market, then make their designs and bring them to the market. They are not merely their designs, but sometimes they are not their own. Now think to yourself, why are Chinese phones so cheap?



Now let’s talk about marketing or marketing. You must pay attention to how many big companies are marketing or marketing their phones after leaving the market. They fill advertisements on various international TV channels, international newspapers, the internet and so on. But Chinese phone-based companies never do this. You will never see their commercials internationally. If they are too much, they advertise on their website or local newspaper.

Large companies that spend on marketing, such as Samsung or Apple, account for about 20% to 5% of the cost of making almost every phone. Where Chinese phone-based companies manufacture their phones at the same price.



See, the third thing that comes up after marketing is size. If we talk about Apple, its chief executive is Tim Cook. Now that Apple spends a year on Tim Cook’s money, that equals the annual transactions of companies like Symphony or Walton. Apple or Samsung, these companies are so large that they have offices around the world. And a lot of officers work with them. As a result, these big companies cost a lot.

Chinese phone-based companies do not have such large-scale transactions. Also, they do not have many large offices or factories. There they can sell their phones at very cheap prices. Where Apple or Samsung want to sell at a cheaper price, the profit may not be the same as their office.



The fourth and final point is the strategy. Look at Apple or Samsung, these are very established companies. Today, if Apple or Samsung increase the price of their phone by 5 times, then it will not matter. People will buy and use their phones. Because they have won the trust of the people. On the other hand, if you talk about a Chinese phone company, they may be new to the market or they want people to try their phones. Or they sell phones at a cheaper price to create a different atmosphere in the market.

Now suppose that if someone wants to sell Lava or Symphony for Rs 4,000 or Rs 4,000, would you buy it? Before buying, you should say, “Hmmm … I don’t buy Symphony for 4 thousand bucks for work, is Samsung dead or not?” Then he would think, will the phone be good? Damn, Samsung would be better if I could take it. So think with all your mind, Chinese phone companies sell phones at cheap prices. It is as if you bought the phone before giving any notification.

On the other hand, large mobile phone manufacturer companies do not adopt this strategy. Because they are already big brands and people trust them.


Chinese phone quality:

By this time you must have understood why there is a difference in the price of Chinese phones. Now the question you have in mind is about its quality. I want to make it very easy for you on this subject. See that Chinese phone prices are low, but there is no difference in quality. When you talk about HTC or Samsung and Symphony or Walton, they are all OEMs. This does not mean that the original equipment manufacturer. For example, the memory of these phones is either Samsung or another company, the processor is either MediaTek or Qualcomm or the camera which is Sony or another company. So all these phone companies buy parts from the same place. It is not that Samsung or HTC buy expensive machines and Symphony or Walton buys less expensive parts. So from a practical point of view, there is no difference in the qualitative method. Do not ever think that the quality of Chinese phones will be poor. You can easily buy and use Chinese phones. However, there are some difficulties with Chinese phones. I will discuss it below.


Loss of a Chinese phone:

Many times, you may find it difficult to obtain services after purchasing a Chinese phone that is completely new to the manufacturer. You may have to go to a big city to get services. Another problem may be that sometimes the operating system and hardware of the phone are not compatible. Suppose you buy a 5 GB RAM phone with TK 3-5 thousand which runs with the Android Lollipop operating system. Now due to 1GB of RAM, your phone can lag. Also, if the GPU (graphics processing unit) is not good, you will not enjoy playing games, etc. There is no other problem. You can buy Chinese phones and use them well.



So hopefully by now you must have understood why Chinese phones are so cheap and you should buy Chinese phones. However, if you have any questions or comments on this subject, please let us know by commenting below. And keep visiting regularly to get new technology tips and news. I come to you every day to discuss new things, so regular trips are worth it. If you like this post, be sure to remove it by clicking the share button below.

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