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Why should you start blogging now? Blogging is the end of the day?

This question is done more and more for me, I am compelled to write a dedicated article. Many people want to create a new blog and get into blogging, but almost everyone has a common question, how good is this blogging idea in 2021? Where it may be possible to gain a lot of popularity on YouTube in a very short time. Everyone now watches videos from YouTube for any need, who will read my blog? Can I Make Money By Starting A Blog Now?


Okay, I will try to answer all the questions in this article, but before you get deeper into the article, would you like to ask some questions? Is the bookstore closed? People are not buying books anymore? Or are your tea stalls closed? Or a flower shop? There is no doubt that everyone has been watching them since birth and will live tomorrow too! So why do you think blogging will stop? There are many more blogs online now than 5 years ago. Video content or graphical content is gaining a lot of popularity does not mean that blogging will be abolished!

Blogging is the end of the day

In a word, the answer to the question, “No!” Is that as different things are spreading on the internet, blogs are spreading and there are so many online blogs that it is not possible to suddenly lose them in a day. I am assuming that starting new blogging is not possible for your blog to attract everyone’s attention, where you can become a celebrity when you have 4 videos on YouTube. However, YouTube will not discuss a different story in this article.

See, blogging was never a method of making quick money and today it is not. Before blogging you should ask yourself how much dedication are you able to provide? It is a long-time game, you have to spend time, be regular, blogging cannot survive if you think of money again and again. But the time will come when you can make a lot of money from a blog, but if you start blogging for that purpose then you will get frustrated quickly.

Now speaking, there are many blogs online and many blogs are being born again, but very few blogs are seeing success. Many enthusiastic bloggers that I have seen with my own eyes have given up their blog writing and their blogs no longer exist. I have found some reasons for this and certainly; Basically writing low-quality content, focusing specifically on advertising, creating content and thinking about money first, get down to blogging, which is why new blogs never see success.

No, blogging is not dead and it will not disappear in the future, if you still like to write, many like to read! I would recommend it to those who want to start a new blog; Do some research before starting a blog, try to see how well the blogs are in good condition, how they are earning, what content they are generating. You will easily get the idea that the day of blogging is not over yet and a huge amount is possible with this.


Blogging is a freelance job

From an early age, parents studied attentively. You have to study, get good results, enroll in a good college/university, if you can come out with a good degree, the company will give you a good job, give your daughter-in-law your daughter, give her a bank credit Will give the card, and will easily buy the car and start living in peace. you can do it!

So to be established in life, I understood them from a very young age. I can swear that many of my readers have such views. However, there is nothing wrong with this idea. Everyone wants to be set on life, wants a permanent job and gets a good salary. I have a known elder brother who worked at a monthly salary of Tk 4,000, his life was quite stable. I never thought that you could get bored by getting a good salaried job. He gets bored with his job and is forced to leave the job!

Many people are making a lot of money from a job, but you do not have time to enjoy life, you are daring to give your loved one an evening, so what do you do with this money? If you can’t buy that little quality time? Again, many people do not get a good salary like cows, but the order of the boss and listening to that order is life! And many of us do not like to follow orders.

So what is the end of blogging? No, of course not, blogging can be like a regular job for you. If you are like me, hate to follow the rules every day, don’t like to listen to the boss’s orders, blogging is the best option for you if you wake up every morning. It pretends to replace any full-time job. But you have to be hardworking, give time, but it is possible to succeed.

But you can make a lot of money by blogging, you don’t have to depend on anyone else. You don’t have to take orders from the boss, you don’t have to go to the office to tremble in the cold in the morning, and you don’t have to go late. Blogging is an independent work where you can make a living by sharing your passion!

Blogging means learning something new

Many people ask me, “Brother, how do you know that?” You write a lot of articles and provide simple answers to any question, but how can it be known? “Basically before writing most articles, I do research online, dig up thousands of knowledge and then try to share them simply. It is not at all that I already know everything. As you learn many new things by reading my blog post, I can learn many new things while writing this blog.

If I had not been blogging, I would have sworn, my technical knowledge would not have been so strong. You may have graduated from a great university, but you may have memorized everything, maybe not studying anything, which not many. But different things about blogging need to be learned here, then it is possible to provide simple answers to Siber’s questions. And trust me, I don’t know if this is a better platform than anywhere else in the world!


I would never have volunteered to learn so much about science or technology, but I have to forcibly read a lot of books and articles to make a good blog post. There are lots of educational videos to watch on YouTube or online, which means that I have to engage in knowledge practice regularly. Only 3-5 years ago I used YouTube only for entertainment.

Your laptop is your office

As I said before, blogging can replace any regular job. Blogging gives you the freedom to work from any part of the world. Can you not get sick or get out of the house? Well, he doesn’t need it, your laptop is your office, just boot up and start writing!

Want to spend more time with your family? Want to live your life as yourself? Well, this is easily possible with blogging. You can decide for yourself where and when you will do your work. As a blogger, you have to be passionate, creative, so whether you’re writing in Cox’s Bazar or sitting on the couch at home, it doesn’t matter!

Very good earning

Many people think that blogging is dead now, so they look for different ways to earn good online. No matter how big you are, but blogging is not dead yet, and making big money from it is not impossible. Condition alone, you have to work hard and not give up.

However, blogging is not a way to make money, you have started blogging today and from tomorrow you will earn a lot of money and start blogging, style does not work. First, you have to create a blog, write regular content, earn trust and then start earning. Now no one can say exactly when you can start making good money. Some take 3 years. Some may take 3-5 years. It depends on your choice and readers’ needs.


But when readers start finding value in your content, you also start making money. Blogging will be created on your passive income machine. When you sleep at night, your blog will print money for you. It is not that you do not have to work as a separate job or you will not make money. Your blog will make money when you go on vacation. Blogs can be passive income in many different ways. For example, there are various ways to monetize blog content, do affiliate marketing, write reviews, create sponsored posts, and more.

Starting blogging is not hard at all

Blogging has been around 2-3 years, and I have heard a lot about it at this time. Many people will compare blogging with their jobs, saying they create products for a customer or a different company and receive a salary from them. Blogging, on the other hand, means sitting in a balloon with air and waiting who will buy that air and then find the money. The parents of our country, even your loving parents and profession, do not look very good until you start earning good money. After making good money, they will start thinking about themselves, how long will they lust?

But they don’t think, here you are your boss, you are making good money without investing a lot of money, you are helping millions of people regularly. Businesses can sink, or get a good salary, and parents will agree to pay $ 1 million for a government job, but you won’t get the mental support expected from blogging!

Although I don’t have much to say about these things, blogging is a lot easier if you compare it to a job vs. blogging in an IT company. Your website can be set up in a few minutes. And blogging? Well, your grandmother can start blogging, yes, blogging is so easy. Most people who think that blogging is a very big art and blogging cannot be done without being a serious poet.

Trust me, blogging is such a simple thing, blogging online is the easiest thing to do if you like writing. Which can help millions of people and become rich themselves? If you are an Allred Hard Working Person, there is no end to the possibility of blogging for you!

So hopefully the answer is clear now, neither blogging is dead nor will it suddenly disappear in the future. If you find love in what you’re doing, if happiness can be experienced by solving people’s problems, and if hard work is the only mantra, then you need to worry about the blog or make money from the blog No need to think about it. Use your pure passion, keep writing blogs, and one day you will be able to inspire others by listening to your success story!

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