WiFi Repeater vs WiFi Extender: What’s the Difference?


Even though buses and trains do the same thing, their way of working is similar to WiFi repeater and WiFi extender, but their working style makes them different devices. I get a lot of messages daily, a lot of people ask if I will buy a wifi repeater or extender, but not many of them know, these are two completely different devices, their applications and their different. So, let’s talk!


Wifi repeater vs wifi extender

This device, called WiFi repeater or WiFi extender, is needed if you do not access the signal from your main router in a room or rooms in your home. Both devices serve to increase the range of your network, but in different styles.

First, with the WiFi repeater, the WiFi repeater receives a wireless signal from your router, then replays that signal and brings WiFi coverage to more areas. Where your router’s signal starts to weaken, you need to place it on a WiFi repeater, where the repeater helps to transmit the signal to more areas.

On the other hand, the WiFi Extender connects your network via cable, then transmits the signal to a different area of ​​your home. So the two devices have the same purpose, but their functioning is different!

What is a wifi repeater?

WiFi repeater is also called network repeater. This device connects to your router using its built-in WiFi technology and extends the signal. These devices are quite affordable in price and are easy to install. It may be the same size as a small router or USB pen drive.


There is a need to install a WiFi repeater bus where your WiFi signal is starting to weaken. It can be fitted in a common wall socket. Many older routers also have a wifi repeater feature, if you have purchased a new router, you can use the wifi repeater without replacing the old router!

Let’s find out how a WiFi repeater works

Plug the WiFi repeater device into a wall socket where your router’s signal is weak.
Now connect the wifi repeater to your laptop or mobile, then sign the repeater with the main wifi signal!
Now the repeater will make a connection to your original wifi signal and then create another access point with which you can get good signal quality and internet speed, but this repeater will depend entirely on the main router!
The wifi repeater does not require any cable connection, it is a much cheaper device than the wifi extender, and can be easily set up. However, devices that produce microwave or radio signals do not have to be installed very close to the repeater, so the signal can be suppressed!

What is wifi extender

WiFi Extender is also used to increase the signal on your home network. But it works in a different style than a repeater. how? Let’s have a look below …

The first thing is to connect the cable to your home network
This extends itself to your exit network, where the repeater creates a completely different access point.
Wifi extender does not limit internet bandwidth speed
It is also very easy to install and configure
It may be best to use a WiFi extender in a room in your living room if the network is not completely dead, not even getting a wireless signal. Because it is directly connected to the home network via cable, Internet speed does not matter. But WiFi repeater creates a completely different network, you have to connect to that new network, in which case the speed can be reduced by 5% compared to the original router!

The advantage of the WiFi Extender is that it does not replicate signals with weak signals. The real thing is that there is no need for a wifi signal, it is connected via cable. And yes, since I am talking about the wifi extender in this article, what is my already written mess wifi system? How it works Mess WiFi vs WiFi Extender! You can read this article!

When buying a WiFi repeater or WiFi extender in the market, there are two more common words to listen to; Wifi booster or wifi amplifier; Both these words also mean wifi repeater and wifi extender. If a device simply repeats the signal with WiFi then you can interpret it as a repeater and if a device is connected to the home network via cable then you would interpret it as an extender.


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